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The Board of the TVID has taken the initiative to extend the CCTV camera network of the TVID.  The proposed intervention will focus on supporting the current public safety and urban management activities thereby contributing to securing the area and driving incidents of crime down.

The project will focus on the implementation of additional Static, PTZ, and LPR cameras.

The detailed Request for Proposal document can be found here.

All proposals are to be forwarded to the Board of the TVID by no later than 16:00 on Friday 13 May 2022. All enquiries and final proposals can be forwarded via email to rfp@tvid.co.za  Hard copy submissions are not required. No late submissions will be accepted. Please do not include company registration documents etc.

A site visit is scheduled for Friday 6 May 2022 from 11:00 to 12:00.  The meeting point is at the TVID office, 102 Edward Street, Omnipark, Tygervalley.

Once the Board has evaluated all the proposals, a decision will be made on the successful service provider.  The decision of the Board is final and no further correspondence regarding the proposal will be entered into once the successful service provider has been appointed. The Board is under no obligation to qualify its decisions to any of the applicants.

All costs related to the submission of this proposal must be borne by the relevant applicants/companies/service providers and they shall have no claim for cost recovery to the Board and or its representatives whatsoever.