Tygervalley Improvement District

Moving towards a clean, healthy, safe future for our residents

Who we are

The City of Cape Town approved the establishment of the Tygervalley Improvement District (TVID) and became operational in 2016.

The Tyger Valley Improvement District (TVID) works together with residents, local businesses and urban management specialists to create a rich urban environment in which the Tygervalley community can thrive.

Together with the City’s Cleansing Department and the SAPS, TVID provides public safety and urban cleaning services to boost the sanitation and safety of the area.

Tygervalley Improvement District Non-Profit Company (TVID)

Company Reg No:


Registered Office:

102 Edward Street, Omni Park, Tygervalley, Cape Town, 7530

TVID Board:

Cliff Toerien – Chairperson, Treasurer and Marketing Portfolios

John Bielich – Director, Cleansing Portfolio and Social Upliftment Portfolios

Louis Andrag – Director, Public Safety Portfolio and Urban Maintenance Portfolios

The Board can be contacted via email: board@tvid.co.za

Procurement Policy

Complaint Resolution Process

Principle Board Observer:

Hendri Terblanche


Alternative Board Observer:

Ronel Viljoen


Sub-Council Manager:

Carin Viljoen



C2M Chartered Accountants


Nicolene Cooke’s Accounting Services

Company Secretarial Duties:

C2M Chartered Accountants

TVID Management:

Geocentric Urban Management

No 2, 12th Street, Elsies River Industrial, 7490


021 565 0901

TVID Manager:

Clifford Oostendorp

066 085 2840


Control Room:

021 565 0900

Tygervalley ID Offices

How we operate

We provide our municipal top-up services by combining our partnership resources with a rate levied from property within the TVID. Our community interventions are designed to increase property investment, amplify job creation and encourage new consumers into the Tygervalley area.

The communication between service providers and the community is controlled by a control room, managed urban management specialists Geocentric. The control room runs 24/7 to ensure a constant line of communication between property owners and the security patrolmen and service providers.

Why is our work important?

We want to be both a solution to our current challenges and prevent potential pitfalls. To prevent urban decay, traffic congestion, pollution and crime we have considered the impact that large volumes of commuters into the TVID area have.

To achieve a comfortable feeling of safety in Tygervalley, the community must invest morally and work with the City of Cape Town to upgrade public facilities.

The additional municipal services typically include the provision of additional public safety, cleansing services, maintenance and/or upgrading of the urban public environment and/or infrastructure and social services that address social issues in the area.

The additional rates paid by the property owners in the area means an equitable split based on municipal property valuation. The cost of the additional services allows individual property owners to benefit from a well-managed business node including a shared sense of communal pride, safety and social responsibility.

How to get involved

If you wish to submit a proposal please contact the TVID management company by email at gene@geocentric.co.za to request the detailed RFP documents. If you require any further information you are invited to email (only emails will be used to ensure a record of communication) Geocentric Urban Management, the appointed Management Company at gene@geocentric.co.za

Here are some examples of what we’ve done