Mr Dave Blackbeard sets a Worthy Example

Dave BlackbeardAlthough all hands involved with the various tasks to improve Tygervalley are willing and busy, Manager Clifford Oostendorp says it is a pleasure to present Dave Blackbeard as one of the best workers in the TVID team. 

He says Dave is always on time. “We start at 08:30, but when I arrive at the office at 07:00 in the morning, Dave is here already getting the bags and all that they are going to use for the day.” He says Dave is the one always filling in the TVID cleaning report, keeping the place clean and willingly going the extra mile. 

On 29 March 2018 at about 18:00 Dave was robbed at the ATM whilst drawing money. He was hit on the shoulder with a stick, all his clothes were taken, as well as his cell phone, bank card, his ID document and the money he had drawn. 

Mr Oostendorp says the reason for telling this story is because notwithstanding the fact that Dave still lives at a shelter in Bellville and had no money to buy food or clothes to wear for the whole Easter weekend, and without his employers knowing anything about what had happened to him, he still came in on the 3rd of March 2018: “There was Dave, ready for work, in pain, still hungry and still wearing the same clothes. I gave him a copy of his ID and asked him if he wanted to go and sort out his matters and go to the doctor, but he said no, he wants to work. 

Dave, you are an example to all of us!