Attention: All CID/SRA Public Safety Service Providers

The City of Cape Town approved the establishment of the Tygervalley Improvement District (TVID) on 31 March 2016 and the TVID will officially come into being on 1 July 2016 and become operational on 1 July 2016.

The TVID Board is ready to evaluate proposals from various service providers to fulfil the deliverables of the TVID Business Plan.

We hereby invite you to submit a proposal for the proposed Public Safety related services as set out in our Request for Proposal document.

If you wish to submit a proposal please contact the TVID management company by email at gene@geocentric.co.za to request the detailed RFP documents.  If you require any further information you are invited to email (only emails will be used to ensure a record of communication) Geocentric Urban Management, the appointed Management Company at gene@geocentric.co.za

All proposals are to be submitted by no later than 12:00 on Monday 16 May 2016. No late submissions will be accepted. Please do not include company registration documents etc.

A shortlist of 3 companies will have the opportunity to present their proposals including any further motivations to the TVID Board of directors on Wednesday 18 May between 15:00 and 17:00. A 20 minute slot will be afforded to each company.


Three (3) short-listed companies will be notified by 15:00 on 16 May 2016 where after they can indicate a preferred time slot. Presentation opportunities will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

Once the Board has evaluated all the proposals, a decision will be made on the successful service provider. The decision of the Board is final and no further correspondence regarding the proposal will be entered into once the successful service provider has been appointed. The Board is under no obligation to qualify its decisions to any of the applicants.

The successful applicant will be appointed as the public safety service provider. All costs related to the submission of this proposal must be borne by the relevant applicants/companies/service providers and they shall have no claim for cost recovery to the TVID Board or its representatives whatsoever.


The proposed Tygervalley Special Rating Area supports a business mix including various retailers of which many represent the motor industry, food and fast food retailers, extensive office buildings and a small shopping mall. The area is further defined by the Bellville Velodrome sport complex and a significant area of vacant undeveloped land adjacent to the Velodrome. The public environment is in a fairly well maintained state with few indications of urban degradation yet some problems are clearly visible in some part of the area. Most business and property owners are aware of crime and have raised certain concern and a number of businesses have been directly affected by crime in the area. Social issues including vagrancy and associated anti-social behaviour are frequently noted by businesses in the area, especially in the vicinity of Edward Street.

The steering committee has identified the Special Rating Area (SRA) model as a basis to address problems and counter any potential for further urban decay and the further increase of crime in the area. The formation of an SRA in the area will enable the establishment of a statutory body to manage and implement additional public safety and urban management operations in addition to those services provided by the City of Cape Town. The property owners from the area will pay an additional rate to fund additional municipal services for that specific area as set out in this business plan for the proposed Tygervalley Improvement District (TVID). The additional municipal services typically include the provision of additional public safety, cleansing services, maintenance and/or upgrading of the urban public environment and/or infrastructure and social services that addresses social issues in the area.

The SRA additional rates is collected by the City from property owners in the area and paid to the TVID, a Non Profit Company (NPC). The budget will be dedicated to the specific area only and will be spent in accordance with the approved Business Plan. The additional rates paid by the property owners in the area means an equitable split based on municipal property valuation. The cost of the additional services allows individual property owners to benefit from a well-managed business node including a shared sense of communal pride, safety and social responsibility.

Vision, Mission and Goals of the Proposed Tygervalley Improvement District

The vision of the TVID is to establish and maintain a safe, clean, well-managed Business District that attracts and retains business investment and activities in the area.

It is the mission of the TVID to implement a strategy to counter urban degeneration of the area by creating a safe and attractive Business District.

The Proposed Tygervalley Improvement District has the following goals:

  • Reducing crime significantly by proactive visible patrolling and cooperation with existing SAPS and City of Cape Town Law Enforcement efforts as well as other security service providers in the area.
  • Creating a safe and clean public environment by addressing issues of maintenance and cleaning of streets, pavements and public spaces.
  • Manage existing and new public infrastructure for the future benefit of all the users of the area.
  • Protect property values.
  • Attract new investment to the area.
  • Support the promotion of the TVID Business area as a safe and clean environment by promoting greening, energy efficiency, recycling and risk/disaster management.
  • Support and promote social responsibility in the area
  • The sustained and effective management of the TVID area.


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